I walk by this cat everyday to get to my airbnb

Guanajuato is arguably one of the prettiest towns I’ve been to. Its not so much that it was colourful, it was the combination of the one way streets, cobbled stone walkways and most importantly, the smiles that people exchange while they pass by each other. When I walked around with my hosts from airbnb experiences, we would stop every few hundred metres or so because we bumped into his father, or she saw her classmate or they’re all meeting up later for a party.

People knew and cared about each other. In this seemingly small town, there was a familiarity that roped you, even as a stranger, in. The waves, the hellos, the warm smiles…..I remember meeting an old lady that I bought some handmade cups from. After picking out 4 unique different designs from different artists that they represent and wanting to pay for them, she looked at me sweetly and picked out a 5th cup, putting it in my bag. “something for you to remember me by…..” she said.

I met a guy from Florida who spoke fluent Spanish and said that he would spend 4 months in a year living in Guanajuato just cos he felt more at home there than where he actually came from. Guanajuato is a place where it would be slightly difficult for new businesses to pick up, but comfortable for people living there because things won’t change too drastically in a short amount of time. Guanajuato is where you can find comfort in.

From Pepila viewpoint. The amazing colours… I saw here on a bench for 3 hours just reading and occasionally taking photos for tourists.
I took a collage class from a girl who chose to stay after her college graduation. She does this for a living now. It was a lovely 2 hours, us sitting in her cafe, piecing papers together and sharing thoughts
Learnt to make Mexican floutas from a man who is an engineer by trade but a passionate cook. He opensup his home kitchen, treats his guests like family and it was lovely meeting his wife and young baby too when we all sat together to eat.
I couldn’t resist but go for a mezcal tasting session. I tried so many types of mezcals and learnt the way of sipping it. The hosts were so nice to invite me for an extended session the day after too.

It isn’t difficult to navigate around Guanajuato. I walked to the town square from my airbnb everyday, clocking in about 12,000 steps. It was easy to memorise paths because almost everyone had to pass through the town square to get somewhere. The city was lively at night too, with theatre groups launching into song and dance to promote their shows. At 9pm, the city is crowded with tourists walking to dinner or drinks. The town had quite a European vibe, but very sincerely and genuinely Mexican too. Its safe to say I will definitely be back in Guanajuato, the city where I first travelled solo to.