Hi Jane, I’m Jinger.

Diary entry by Jane

The year was 2020.

I had just finished a whole month of travelling in Mexico alone. It was so fun, freeing, and I was riding on such a genuine high. I had already made some friends in Europe who had invited me over to their places. I said yes, of course. There were just a couple of cats I had to say goodbye to. I also needed my spectacles, which I left at my husband’s place. I’d been using a pair of glasses that was so off because I couldn’t explain in Spanish that I could see, but only up to “that guy in the red hat”

Mexico wasn’t the final destination. It was the gate. It was the beginning of my next chapter in life. There was very little that could get me down at that high point. Unless, of course, you count going back to my husband’s apartment only to find out his mistress had found my things hidden in his suitcase and shipped everything back to Singapore.

You need more details in this backstory?

This isn’t that story.

This story is about how I met and got to know Her.

Who’s she?

She….is a breath of fresh air after you’ve been stuck in a humid tunnel without seeing an end in sight.

She is the sun that gently kisses your skin early in the morning.

She has big curly hair, bright brown eyes, tanned golden skin, and she plays 8 different instruments, all so magically.

She’s one of those people who could look through you. Right through you. Her gaze could penetrate all the layers you put up to shield yourself. And once she finds your centre, your real centre, she doesn’t make you feel unsafe, as if she’s gonna rat your secrets out.

She wraps your secrets up in her hair, loosening those shackles you’re so tied to, even just for a moment, and she says – I love you. And you just know she means it.

Her name….is Jinger.


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