The cat Orange

We check into a B&B in Koh samui and immediately see a black and white cat. “Tin-tin” the staff called him.

Once we settled in, the owner brings a big box of cat treats and begins shaking the box, letting it rattle like a lunch bell for children – except its a treat bell for cats.

“There is another one. Orange. ” the owner says.

With big eyes full of alert, orange came running over from wherever she was. We saw that her right hind leg was in a cast and asked why.

Last month, someone took her and put her close to the ceiling fan. They basically abused her. Then cast her aside after like a used toy.

Our hearts sank. People really do bad things. Some people are just bad. Nurture or nature.

The next day, we were just sitting outside the yard and Orange came over skittishly. At first we thought she wanted some treats and so I tried to tell her we didn’t have anymore.

Marco then picked her up and like a baby, she quickly snuggled right into his arms. Purring and closing her eyes as he stroked her head, chin, and gave her gentle love.

Marco then asked ” how can you still trust humans after what was done to you?”

On our travels, we meet many broken people as well. I was really broken when I met Marco.

Bless people like him who can hold so much space for other people. Bless him for loving people and animals around him, for respecting them, for nurturing.

I sometimes thank my lucky stars for my divorce. Because it saved my life. It propelled me into a fast track up the snake and ladder game.

I’m living my dream life right now and it’s all because I walked away from the marriage only with emotional baggage and nothing else. My trauma was the force of energy I needed to change. To really change. Burned down my old life to rebuild a completely new one.

I’m thankful the ones who matter are still around. I’m grateful my family and friends are still close.

I’m grateful I survived depression. I’m grateful I’m alive. I’m grateful for life.

I’m grateful I met Orange the cat. She’s the perfect reminder to never let past experiences bog us down. That everyone is capable of change. And that everyone is different. We need not fear the darkness because the light is strong.


2 responses to “The cat Orange”

  1. “How can you still trust humans after what was done to you?” This line melted my heart, seriously!
    You’re story is very inspiring and motivational. Stay happy and kind!


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